Twenty years later...

Now it's time to return. Feel the unforgettable atmosphere of the 2000s only on our server.
It will be difficult, sometimes long, but always fun! See you in Prontera near the hotel!

Key Features

Classic remastered

We've improved and balanced classic Pre-renewal mechanics. Our updates system will help you to comfortably plunge into the world of RO and remember forgotten skills.


Balanced rates will help not to spend a lot of time to achieve goals, but also to maintain the importance of your character and interest in exploring the world.

No Gods, Just Glory WoE

Experience an active, balanced WoE scene without the overpowering influence of God Items. Enjoy strategic battles where skill and teamwork truly matter.

Cozy atmosphere

You will not find “unique” items, dubious mechanics, colored auras and ugly hats on our server. Enjoy the atmosphere of nostalgia along with the classics lovers like you.

Protected and secured

We have no bots or cheats. We use the best anti-bot protection system on the market. A distributed proxy chain can maintain a stable connection from anywhere in the world.

Product vision

Our goal is to bring thousands of RO fans together in one place. We've prepared a ton of classic updates and themed events for you to help you take a new look at the World of Your Dream.

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Core Mechanics

Achievement and rewards

The game has a built-in achievement system, you will receive useful gifts for achieving small goals. And we haven't forgotten about the daily rewards. Every day you will receive useful things.

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Newbie friendly

Haven't played for a while?? Remastered Novice location is a helpful and friendly place for new players to begin their journey in World of Your Dream.

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Cosmetics Cash Shop

The cash shop focuses on offering players the opportunity to customize their characters and enhance their gameplay experience in non-essential ways.

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Gameplay improvements

We are constantly working to add new features and improvements that will enhance the gameplay and make it even more enjoyable for everyone..

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Download Client for PC

UARO: World of Your Dream Full Client

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