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Relive the nostalgia with our private server! Dive into the classic MMORPG experience with pre-renewal 5x/5x/5x rates, designed to bring back the essence of the early 2000s. Perfectly balanced for every adventurer, our server revives the genuine old-school spirit, ensuring a fair and rewarding journey for all.

Embrace Diversity: Your Community Awaits

Join a realm where diversity thrives! Our server is a melting pot for solo explorers, nostalgic veterans, and those craving community. With a wide array of playstyles and thousands of members, discover your place among peers who share your passion.

Rediscover Adventure: A Haven for All

Whether you're returning after a hiatus or just starting, our server offers a welcoming sanctuary. Catering to lone wanderers seeking solitude and warriors eager for massive battles, there's a unique adventure waiting for every player.

Latest Updates

Enhancing Your Adventure: Classic Gameplay with Modern Twists

Classic Enhanced

Experience the nostalgia of pre-renewal with a twist! We've infused classic mechanics with select new-era elements, preserving the core pre-renewal essence.

Poring Coins

Monsters now drop Poring Coins with a 5% chance, introducing a fresh currency to enrich your gaming economy.

Faster HP/SP Recovery

Enjoy quicker HP/SP recovery, now percentage-based, ensuring consistent rejuvenation times across all levels.

Hunting Missions and Quests

Engage in level-appropriate hunting missions to earn currency, gain experience, and access exclusive items in the Hunting Missions shop.

New Dungeons

Explore new dungeons, redesigned to fit the pre-renewal setting, offering unique instances and farming opportunities.

Enhanced Pet System

Our pet system goes beyond the cute factor. These companions offer bonuses that can significantly change the way you play and experience the game.

Battlegrounds and WoE

Engage in 24/7 battlegrounds for rewards and honor, and tackle intense WoE guild battles every weekend. Dive into the action and claim your victories!

Robust Economy

Explore a marketplace brimming with thousands of items. Your adventure for gear and rare items trading is seamless, powered by zeny.

No Pay to Win

Fairness firstโ€”our server is free from pay-to-win elements. Donations are rewarded with tradable cosmetic items, maintaining gameplay equality.

Intense Guild Battles with WoE 1.0 & 2.0

Step into the arena of one of the most dynamic guild wars on low-rate servers. Whether you're building your guild or joining forces with others, brace yourself for an exhilarating challenge every weekend with both WoE 1.0 and WoE 2.0 battles.

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